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3201 NE 38th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33308

MALU is a minimalist swimwear and accessories brand founded by designers Maria and Lucia Rivas. The brand based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides unique fashion pieces and handmade products


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1- Eat Right:

Take care of yourself internally with immunity building foods rich in Vitamin E (Berries), Vitamin C (Spinach), and Zinc (Nuts). “Not only will these ingredients boost your immunity but they will also give your skin the necessary nutrients to function and look great.


2- Oil Up:

Don’t be afraid to use oils on your face and body

  • Oily, acne-prone skin: Use coconut oil, or grapeseed blended with essential oils like tea tree and lavender.
  • Dry skin: Use jojoba, olive oil and rose essential oil.
  • Irritated or sensitive skin: Use essential oils such as chamomile, calendula and jojoba.




3- Exfoliate:

Skin can get dry that’s why that it is extremely important to exfoliate the skin. When we exfoliate, we are taking off old dead skin cells and we send a message to the skin to produce more collagen and bring forth our new regenerated skin cells. Your skin will look bright and fresh after exfoliating, and it will feel better too.


Need a little tip for this Year Costume ideas?


Well, we've selected a few items that can help you SHINE on your halloween parties! Cause a good thing about our one-pieces swimsuits is that you can wear them as you like! Think out of the box and create amazing costume ideas just need to accessorize them correctly and you'll impress!! 
Here a few ideas and want to hear the best? they're under $60!!!!!
Check them out and click on each image to see product ;)



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“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs”


1- Watch the clock: Be on time! Whether it’s for an important meeting or even a casual lunch with girlfriends, being punctual is a sign of respect. It’s also a good habit to make for every area of your life.


2- To-do List: It might seem simple, but never take too lightly the power this. Checking off tasks is a great way to keep track of all of the little things you want to accomplish in a day, week, month or in a year. It will keep you organize



3- Keep it Clean: A clean space makes for a clear mind. So maybe for you a clean space doesn’t mean making your bed everyday. But doing something to tidy up like doing your dishes or organizing your desk can be just as effective.



4- Be kind: Some people think that being mean it will lead them to rise the top. But it’s not true. The most successful women in life have all gotten where they are by being kind and supporting each other.



5- Name your folders and files: If you work on a computer, its recommended to have a special system for the way you name your files and folders. Whether it’s by content, date, alphabet, pick an organizational structure that will make them easy to find later on.



6- Treat your body right: If you want your mind to function properly, taking care of your body is the key. So take the time to exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep! Your work will suffer if you don’t follow these rules.



7- Make friends: The most successful women I know take a time out for happy hour with an industry colleague or a coffee break with coworkers or friends. You will always make important connections and probably feel even more inspired when you get feedback from other people. PLUS you always learn something everyday from the people.



8- Never Stop learning: You will always learn something new on a daily basis. Whether that’s soaking up information while paging through an issue of Business Insider, taking seminars, or attending conferences, make sure to always learn new skills and stay on top of your industry.


9- Make time for yourself: If you want to be successful, It is very important to do something that isn’t tied to your work everyday. Get a manicure, hang out with friends, or find a hobby you enjoy. Being well-rounded and taking time to relax will serve you well and keep you energized and inspired.



10- Set goals: Think in the long term, but make your goals as specific as possible and re-examine them every month. Create a vision board or a list and keep it where you will see it every morning. Dream big and you will achieve big things.



- Always say YES to Happy Hour… specially if a rooftop or a pool is involved. Always drink water in between drinks!


- Get healthy and exotic meals… There are approximately 14 hours of sunlight in the average summer day. Enjoy them as much as you can don’t waste time cooking and cleaning the kitchen during the day cook all of your meals at night or get them at a grocery store.


- Don’t forget the SPF… Always take with you your sunscreens very important accessory for the summer.


- Get outside… Take your breakfast, lunch or even your workout outdoors and enjoy it will make you feel good and fresh


- Get a gorgeous tan… Use bronzers carrot or coconut oil based but always scrubbed your body before and after the sun exposure.


- Moisturize… After the sun take a very deep shower and take care of your skin hydrating it with a very strong moisturizer.


- Always say YES to new places… specially if there is good music or good food involved.


- Rock your body… Get the most comfortable swimwear and the ones that fit your body perfectly but mostly the one that makes you feel comfortable on your own skin and rock it like a MALU babe that you are.


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