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511 SE 5th Ave Suite R-011
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301

+1 786-273-0618 / +34 618-832-397

MALU is a minimalist swimwear and accessories brand founded by designers Maria and Lucia Rivas. The brand based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides unique fashion pieces and handmade products



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Are you ready for Summer 2017? Start your exercising routine NOW so you can have an amazing bikini body for this season and remember TO ALWAYS EAT HEALTHY don’t skip meals is very important for you and your body to boost your metabolism…. Another big thing on getting ready for this coming summer is that you need to get a new set of swimsuits and bikinis to rock those beach days…

…….And speaking of beach days we will be having a Pop-Up store on July 22nd where we will be selling our swimwear collections YOU CAN’T MISS IT!! Here you have all the information.


When: July 22nd 2017

Time: from 12 pm to 4 pm

Where: Sincerely ALC

‪7156 SW 47th ST Miami, FL 33155

(786) 973-6009


Wel’’ be having mimosas and snacks ;)



Hope to see you there.



The most important thing a woman should consider when looking for a swimsuit is to choose the right fit for her body shape and a suit that embrace her personality. Although, in every country there are different cultural trends in fashion like:

-In Brazil, the smaller the better regardless the shape.

-Americans rather have more coverage and wider bottoms.

-Europeans are divided in between the ones that are classic and conservatives and the ones that don’t mind being topless.

BUT, our swimsuits designs are made to please these women from around the world either they’re elegant, fashion forward, simple, sexy without being tacky all of them can wear one of our unique bathing suits.  

Our one-pieces can also be worn as bodice pieces, to go out day or night, our tops can be used as sport bras for a stylish workout, we have high waist designs that can be worn by women who likes the vintage style and wants to wear a two-piece suit but with a higher covering. Young girls and women who want to get a Brazilian tan can wear our low-rise bikini bottoms that gives your butt-shape that flawless look.  

We invite you to check out our website and enjoy a variety of styles that will blow your mind. Cause there’s no rules finding the right swimwear it’s just about feeling comfortable with your body wearing any style; confidence is the key.


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Fashion and trends comes back and forth. So, here we bring you the old trends that still work today and will be a success this for Summer.

1-    Wear dusty jackets as cover ups on the beach this summer.

2-    Wear highwaisted shorts with a one-piece.

3-    Wear chic cap like the one the flappers used to wear. 

4-    Wear high waisted bottoms with an oversize hat it will never go wrong.

5-    Wear floral print bathing suits and cover-ups.

6-    Wear a pair of wide-legged pants for a chic style on top of your swimsuits.

7-    Wear big blouses and tie the ends of them into a knot.

8-    Wear cat-eye sunglasses plus a scarf tied as a headband.

9-    Wear a bomber jacket at the end of the day to cover you from the fresh air.

10- Wear a big sweater and bare one or both shoulders.

Let’s get Vintage and Fabulous!

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The world of Fashion has a long and varied artistic history. Trends change on seasonal basis. Fashion always get inspired from historical and modernism.

We can always find inspiration on what is trendy now on the magazines, on blogs, on the streets, in architecture, in photography, in packing design, in the natural world, on a travel, in music, in food, in movies; at the end its all about details that inspires you to create your own style by mixing ideas; you’ll be impress on what you can design.

We usually get inspired by geometrics figures, we see them everywhere in architectural structures, on floor designs, in walls, paintings, gates and then we come together to reshape designs and start our new project which ends up as a magnificent swimsuit design.

Get creative and get inspired with the little things in life…

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