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3201 NE 38th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33308

MALU is a minimalist swimwear and accessories brand founded by designers Maria and Lucia Rivas. The brand based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides unique fashion pieces and handmade products



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Miami Swim Week 2017


Last July we attended Miami Swim Week with two main purposes.

1-  To promote our brand MALU Designs

We organized a Pop-Up Shop at the Sincerely ALC store, in which we offered bikinis discounts, sample sale pieces, introduced new swimwear products and of course had some mimosas and sweet treats! It was a great experience and a lot of people showed up. We met new clients and saw some of the loyal ones ;)

2- To look for new swimwear brands to incorporate to our online store!

What? you think!. Yes, we've been planning on becoming an e-commerce multi brand with own brand. What does that mean? That means that We will still be selling our MALU Designs products PLUS we will introduce new brands to our online store. 
It is a new opportunity to offer diversity to our clients and to satisfy all their needs <3. 

After spending the 5 days walking through all the Markets and attending to different Fashion shows we have found the Right Brand to incorporate to our Product Category. We'll keep it as a Surprise for now but will definitely keep you posted with any updates!! 

Maria & Lucia 




What happens when food and make-up doesn’t get along with your skin; and instead of helping you look and feel beautiful is making you look and feel bad.

This is not beauty topic but a healthy matter.

We all need to learn about the FOOD that helps and damage our skin, because not everyone has the same type of skin and each person reacts different. Allergic reactions are more frequently than we think; If you notice symptoms in your body, face and skin don’t ignore them instead make something to stop it. The same happens with MAKE-UP some of them will damage your skin and some will help improve it, it depends on your skin type; that’s why you need to learn about the ingredients and facts that helps get better your inner and outer GLOW. LOVE YOURSELF & take care of you from the inside to outside.

Here are a few tips on how you can get help with this matter.

- If you are a very allergic person you need to contact your doctor and get blood test to make sure what are the foods that your body can’t stand. After that you’ll get the results and you just should exclude them from your diet.

- If you feel that some make-up mess up your skin you shouldn’t use it anymore try natural products, water based, anti-allergic, non-comedogenic make-up or the ones that don’t clog your pores.

- Eat well and balance, drink a lot of water get hydrate, take care from the sun and know your body, when you feel that something isn’t  normal get help.

- There are a lot of books that can help you learn the foods that betray your beauty.

Get informed, feel beautiful and comfortable on your own skin we all dream to look flawless, healthy and gorgeous specially when we go to the beach without wearing any make-up on and being just a natural beach women’s in an amazing bikini suit.




Everybody loves a little fun in the sun; what we don’t love is the results that we get. To avoid those bad moments and just be happy in the sand. We will give you a few tips, so listen up ladies:

-Always! protect your skin from the sun wearing a lot of sun protection, every time we get into the water we need to put more and amore because it goes away. (hint: everytime you purchase a piece from us we give you a tube sunblock ;))

-After the day at the beach you need to shower and moisture your body like immediately.

- You should also take advantage of the “free spa service” that the beach offers you – exfoliate your feet with the sand and when you get back home moisturize them with butter cream… cheap and easy

- Don’t let your hair frizz out; apply a spray in your hair conditioning before hitting the beach; this will keep you tangle free. When you get home from the beach give your hair a well deserve conditioning treatment and let it stay for 15 min.

- Take care of your face; exfoliate your face use a gentle face cleanser to wash off all of your sunscreen and then apply hydrating moisturizer.

- Soothe your lips; use a lip balm with SPF through the day to protect your lips.

-  Drink lots of water; get at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Start preparing for the sunny days ahead. Get your gorgeous tan and show your healthy, hydrated bikini body this Summer…