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Years ago women were considered sexy and beautiful because they were voluptuous and had killer curves, that made them look like a piece of Art; they weren’t exactly skinny. Nowadays, the skinnier they become the “perfect” they think they are. 

In the past women used to wear swimwear designs that not only were stylish and beautiful but they were also pieces that enhanced their bodies making them look sexy and elegant. The less they showed the more interesting and attractive they were.

In MALU Designs we're inspired by geometrics figures mixing chic, vintage, modern and minimalist styles. We want women to feel beautiful, comfortable, stylish and elegant at the same time. We create designs that enhance the body figure depending on each shape

Let us say that curves make you look more attractive and feminine. So, embrace yourself to eat well, exercise more often and take care of your health but mostly feel beautiful and comfortable on your own skin.  Go out and flaunt your swimsuits with style.


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If you would like to know about good nutrition we encourage you to check our friend and nutritionist Andrea Castellanos website.