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3201 NE 38th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33308

MALU is a minimalist swimwear and accessories brand founded by designers Maria and Lucia Rivas. The brand based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides unique fashion pieces and handmade products


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Everybody loves a little fun in the sun; what we don’t love is the results that we get. To avoid those bad moments and just be happy in the sand. We will give you a few tips, so listen up ladies:

-Always! protect your skin from the sun wearing a lot of sun protection, every time we get into the water we need to put more and amore because it goes away. (hint: everytime you purchase a piece from us we give you a tube sunblock ;))

-After the day at the beach you need to shower and moisture your body like immediately.

- You should also take advantage of the “free spa service” that the beach offers you – exfoliate your feet with the sand and when you get back home moisturize them with butter cream… cheap and easy

- Don’t let your hair frizz out; apply a spray in your hair conditioning before hitting the beach; this will keep you tangle free. When you get home from the beach give your hair a well deserve conditioning treatment and let it stay for 15 min.

- Take care of your face; exfoliate your face use a gentle face cleanser to wash off all of your sunscreen and then apply hydrating moisturizer.

- Soothe your lips; use a lip balm with SPF through the day to protect your lips.

-  Drink lots of water; get at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Start preparing for the sunny days ahead. Get your gorgeous tan and show your healthy, hydrated bikini body this Summer…