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Humanitarian cause, Children International

We believe that everyone has the right to receive an education to improve their future. We collaborate with the Children International entity to improve children's lives.


Maria & Lucia grew up in a close knit family, which continually taught them about values, morality, and helping and caring for others, especially the ones in need. Thanks to these values and principles Maria & Lucia decided they wanted to help and support a child gain an education and have a financially stable future; which they consider is a basic need and entitlement for every human being. "Everybody should receive an education in their life in order to achieve integrity and develop capabilities to make the right decisions in the future"

Finally their dream came true, thanks to Children International they were able to contribute their bit in this beautiful cause. Making them feel rewarded and proud to be able to assist in a childs every day basic needs.

Children International for over 75 years has been providing critical assistance to children and families struggling in poverty. The organisation has a mission to raise support for the world's poorest children, by creating a sponsorship program capable of forming lasting personal connections between the children and their sponsor. Through Children International you can have contact with your child, write them letters and receive one back from them, you can send gifts, and the most exciting part is that you can go and visit them.

To Maria & Lucia the most important part of this cause is that all children gain the rights that are deserved by everyone; a good education, and to be supported in their future. If everyone could contribute and support these children in getting an education, it will make a big difference in their lives and make this world a better place for all. 

Maria & Lucia are currently sponsoring a child in the Philippines.

If you want to support a child and join this cause visit: or click the button below. It is an experience that will change not only your life, but a child's life, in the most positive way possible.